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Words make life more flavorful and write a cultural memory that belongs to this land. Through the power of images and words, we can compose moving stories one after another, and find the corners of the city with stories for you and me, which not only moves you and me, but also witnesses the persevering and moving dream-building power of the community industry. Deeply cultivate the community with local strength, realize the common good of the community with industry, and turn the feeling of motivation into the influence of happiness.

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"After food, shelter, and company, stories are what we need most in this world." -Philip. Pullman Sadly, we only see the appearance of the product when we shop. "Released" hopes to not only give you a concept that is different from bazaars and "fast fashion", but the philosophy of life of these non-profit organizations."Published" is a platform and social enterprise that will uphold "responsible marketing".